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3d Connexion Spacemouse

Hey Everyone, 

We have been experimenting with using a 3d mouse along with the panner.

The biggest benefits over other panner solutions is the support for z axis and the small physical footprint. While I have it working via midi data in Pro Tools the resolution is not great. 

It would be useful to understand the current workflow for how panner integration is accomplished with the already supported devices in Pro Tools and what is the best approach to adding such a device: Through official V-Control support, some kind of Eucon integration, direct support in the atmos panner application via a udp osc type data path. 

Given the nature of how difficult it is to mix and pan without your vision it seems that some kind of way to experiment with a custom control solution like this mouse or platforms like Touch Osc could be hugely helpful as we move toward integrating the traditional mix process with VR.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. 


Nathan Ruyle

Founder | Designer | Mixer

This is Sound Design



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That looks really cool Nathan, thanks for sharing. 

After working with the FB Spatial workstation, I had the thought that an alternate and more useful integration of the space mouse would be to pan the viewport of a desktop video mode in the Video player app. 

Nice idea. Is it possible to lock the Spacemouse to a particular window?

I think you have to make an app specific hook into its driver for there to be locking capability. 

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