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3d Party LTC Slave Support

Hey All,

I have noticed that the GoPro Vr Player (Formerly Kolor) includes a Master/Slave playback control layer with user assignable port configuration. I'm curious if the existing implementation or a future implementation of the LTC link between the Renderer and the Dolby Player can accommodate interfacing with third party players. 

Curious what port does the current player receive LTC data?

The short term benefit to interfacing specifically with the player mentioned above is immediate support for stereoscopy not currently available in the Dolby Player. The longer term potential is that it opens up experimentation for building hybrid headset displays where visual feedback in the headset could be integrated into the visual content stream through a program like Max/MSP/Jitter. 

Looking forward to your thoughts. 

Nathan Ruyle

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Hi Nathan,

Currently our LTC implementation uses a proprietary Dolby protocol between the VR Rendered and the Video Player app. We've flagged the need for either LTC support for 3P apps and/or stereoscopic playback in the Dolby Video Player. 

Sheldon Radford


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