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Dolby Mixes on Mac

The Oculus DK 1 and DK2 will work within Mac OS for playback of video with spatial audio using the FB360 (formerly 3Dception) player. I understand that later models of Oculus are not compatible, but will either of these early models work for the Dolby player on Mac?

Audio Tools are Mac based the video player is PC. We don't have an option similar to the FB360 player. 

However with some routing you can use the FB360 player to audition if you so wished. To achieve this you would set up the Renderer Send channels as guided by the tutorials/templates but instead of creating headphone Renderer Returns create a Quad and a Stereo Renderer Return Auxiliary.

In the VR Renderer you would then go to the Output tab and clear out the default configurations. Leaving you the ability to add new Rerenders into channels 1-6.

In the first rerender, create a B-format and set it's group to be All Scene Relative

In the second rerender, create a 2.0 and set it's group to be All Head Relative.

In Pro Tools Add the Renderer Return Multi Mono plugins to the tracks you created earlier and configure them so that Quad's L=Rerender Channel 1,R=Rerender Channel 2,Ls=Rerender Channel 3, Rs= Rerender Channel 4 and 2.0's L=Rerender Channel 5 and R = Rerender Channel 6.

In the next insert slot on the Auxiliary Return you're going to insert the FB360 Spatialiser plugin and set it to B-Format (be sure that you match FuMa in the VR Renderer with FuMa in the FB360 Spataliser or AmbiX in the VR Renderer with AmbiX in the FB360 Spatialiser). 

This will turn the Quad track to be 7.1 and routable to the FB360 3D Master bus, route the 2.0 to the Non Spat bus for FB360. 

When you insert the FB360 control plugin you would then be able to use their player to effectively steer the rerenders while monitoring the decoded binaural via the FB360 Control plugin. 

Attached Screenshots and a session here for your reference.


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Without a doubt it's complex and not a recommended workflow by any means. 

Does dolby master have an easy implementation for mobile apps via unity or similar engine? (Our clients works these way) 

Please email with a request for information about our decoding solutions and we'll be able to give you more information about how that all fits together. The short answer is that we have libraries available to implement in applications on platforms including Mac, PC, iOS and Android playback environments.

Does we have any other solution for video playing on mac enviroment? (Same machine would be ideal)

Not at this time. 

 Does F360 ambisonic mix solution support video tracking?

The solution described above would track with the Video Player from FB360

 Does ambisonic mix support ALL spatialization as Dolby Atmos?

No, ambisonics are an inside-out format in that they interpolate from listener position where the sound sources would be placed based on spherical harmonics maths. Dolby Atmos is an outside-in format in that is renders the audio objects (sound sources) at listener position which is able to more accurately represent those sound sources position in space.

I hope that answers some of your questions. 


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No, currently no plan to support Oculus DK1/2 on Mac for video playback. 

Personally, my hope is that with Oculus and 3Dception both being under Facebook now they will have some pressure to come up with future proofed support but I'm not holding my breath. 


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Unless you need to be mobile I'd not recommend a laptop for running the VR player. Basically anything that meets the Oculus (Oculus Ready PCs) minimum specification will be fine for our VR player. 

The issue with Mac systems is the graphics cards that Apple fit them with do not meet the minimum requirements or expectation level for Oculus i.e. 90fps playback of 360 video. I don't believe any of our users are using mac's with thunderbolt chassis' with high performance graphics cards there are efforts to get such a configuration working (VR on a Mac via RoadtoVR)

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At this time we only have a Windows based VR Player for head tracking. If a viable solution for mac based VR headsets comes available then I'm sure we will evaluate the options of porting the player to Mac. 

No promises though :)


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Will check this option. I think that is complex but will try it, as we need realtime video check via oculus dk2. We have been working with F360 during this year for our 360 projects. Clients works with custom Unity apps/players for ios/android and gearvr. F360 is IMO a great all in one solution. It has the panning tools, the real time render plugin linked with head traking and TC from the video player (DK2 support for mac) and easy implementation for unity developers. Atmos is our next goal in our post studio. The "problems" I find nowdays are: Does dolby master have an easy implementation for mobile apps via unity or similar engine? (Our clients works these way) Does we have any other solution for video playing on mac enviroment? (Same machine would be ideal) Does F360 ambisonic mix solution support video tracking? (I suppose so as it decodes Atmos AMBIX) does ambisonic mix support ALL spatialization as Dolby Atmos? It would be great to learn how the distribution workflow works so we can teach our clients about that! Best work dolby team!!! Best, Alvaro de Iscar Sound postproduction @
Hi Ceri, Can you recommend minamal specs for a laptop to run the Atmos VR Monitor only? I've seen lists for recommended video cards, but I'm hoping you might have some experience to share regarding laptops for playback. Alternatively, have you heard of anyone using a MacPro or MacMini with bootcamp Windows to run the VR Monitor?

I saw that the Wolfe external card Kickstarter campaign was cancelled, but hypothetically, would this make it possible to use an HMD with Atmos on Mac?

Hi Ceri,
interesting workflow! Would there a possibility to have two Renderers open at the same time to allow for simultaneous mixing to AtmosVR and .TBE in the same session?


We've just recently starting the beta testing process (and will start making actual content this week) so forgive any ignorance, but for mac do you have to use the Pro Tools video player or is there a separate player, similar to the way there is a separate slaveable player with the FB360 software?

You wouldn't need to renderers just a set of monitoring paths. 

If you use the workflow above but then add the Binaural or Speaker monitoring paths too then you could (if your computer has the power) have the Rerenders using FB360 and the Speaker/Binaural playing Atmos. You still Master in Atmos but have the delivery and monitoring options with FB360.


That's great news. Already tried the respective routing today and will continue testing once our Renderer-Network-Issue is sorted..


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