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Win OS version for VR Viewer PC?

I picked up an HP Workstation for running VR playback.  Specs are higher than Oculus recommendations. (i7-4790 Quad-Core 3.60GHz; added GTX 1070)

It came with Win 7 Pro, and I have a choice to install Win 10 Pro.  10 sounds like it has some new features useful for VR.  Any preference for running the Dolby tools?  

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Hey Lucien, I recommend upgrading to Windows 10 it's one of the better OS's out there compared to Windows 8 and Windows 7. You should see a vast performance improvement.

Outside of VR, we work closely with MSFT and one of the cool things with Windows 10 is it's latest support for Dolby Technologies through their modern browser MS Edge.

With regards to the tools, you must be referring to the Dolby VR Monitor right? That will run on Windows 10. The Production Suite is an installable for Mac OS

an Intel i7, impressive!

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