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Would love to see some of the VR pieces you're all creating. Doesn't have to have been done with the Dolby Production Suite. 

Tell us a little about the project, what you find really cool about it and what challenges you overcame. 

If providing direct links please note which platforms are supported (oculus, vive, gear etc).



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Congratulations to our Sundance customers. 

Joel and Ben @ EccoVR - Save LA Cougars ( Only location based showings I believe )

Scott Gershin @ Technicolor Sound Lab - My Brothers Keeper ( See it on Viveport )

Anyone else we are unaware of?

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Also to Source Sound for their piece "Out of Exile: Daniels Story" by Nonny De La Peña see more at Sundance

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That's really cool, Congrats on their achievements.

If anyone within the Beta Program wants some Dolby SWAG, we have some cool stuff I'm more than happy to give away. T-Shirts, Dolby Stickers, Dolby Guitar Picks, etc..

Just holler here in this thread.

Eric, I'm always up for some SWAG.  =)

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I'll send you an email Tom to get your mailing address, :)

Now available on JauntVR in Atmos

"Under the Canopy" with Music, Sound Design and Editorial by Joel and Ben at EccoVR. 

Cameron Billingham created the sound design for the After series, Episode 1 is now available on Samsung VR - 

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If you have any Dolby SWAG left, I would love some :-) Thanks!

Ceri that was great. At first when I started watching the 6 minute clip, I was like "this is kind of morbid" but finally caught onto the concept :)

Scott Marshall of Bamsound in London shared his experience with the Production Suite while mixing a live capture of Biffy Clyro :


This is J.Luis from Madrid. I'd like to share with you the last VR project i've been working on. It's not Dolby since the suite didn't get in time for this one. Also, I have a question related to future projects, is the dolbyVR suite compatible with PSVR? Is someone working on PSVR projects?

Here it's the VR experience. It's for GearVR / Apple and GooglePlay Apps

Thanks a lot.


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Thanks for sharing Jose. Unfortunately the Apple version isn't available in the US and my Gear is tied up for the next few days so it will be later this week before I can take a look but the website looks like it should be a good experience.

As for the PS VR currently the decoders are not available for the PS VR that would enable Atmos content to be played but the Production suite could be used to output 7.1, 5.1 and B-formats that should all be Virtualized by the PS VR's audio processor. 



Congratulations to Jamey Scott for his MPSE Award for "Pearl" and good luck for his Oscar nomination too.

A 360 video I mixed for Honda just went live on Facebook. I used the FB360 workstation for it to take advantage of their Mix Focus decoding feature. This type of video definitely lends itself to the off angle attenuation.

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