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7.1 bed and OH bed

Hi everyone, 

I'm still trying to figure out a few things in the suite. I think I have the objects spatialization (mono and stereo) down but I'm still a bit confused as to what the 7.1 and OH bed tracks are here for. Is it something that belongs only for Atmos projects? 

Since the panner is not set on there, I'm assuming that those track are not spatialized but I don't see how they could be used as static in a VR mix? 

Thank for the help!


The Bed is for building a non-headtracked layer of sound for your piece. In theatrical workflows the majority of sound ended up in these bed channels and then specific sounds were added to objects. This works well but with VR less of the sound is static to the head so Objects become more valuable than beds. 

Beds in VR can be used for music score in up to 9.1 configuration, non specific backgrounds (a general air track might fit well into the format rather for mixing in with ADR for example. 

The Bed channels are spatialized in that they have the binauralization applied to the tracks in those beds and the renderer deals with power preservation in the playback devices, this allows you to use 5.1 configurations of stems that will play as such if the audio is output to a hometheatre AVR and decode to binaural if played over headphones. 

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Thanks for the explanation, Ceri! 

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