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Adding ambiance to your mix

Hi everyone, 

I'm wondering what approach you have regarding Ambiance. Since I don't have specific ambiance recorded in ambisonics, I need to use stereo files. How do you integrate them in your mix. Do you just have them in static in your mix? Or do you have another way to make them a little bit more interesting?  (it doesn't have to be only with Dolby Suite, if you use other plugins I'm curious to hear your thoughts as well)

I'm just curious to hear someone else's take on this. 




Are the ambiences you are using particularly specific to the scene or are they true 'wash' ambiences? 

If they are just filling the sonic space then placing them into beds even as 4.0 configuration might give you a wide sonic space that would stay head relative so would turn with the user as they do. 

Make use of the height components - A lot of our experience of atmospheric sounds do not come from a zero plane but rather elevated. 

What is the stereo nature of the files? Could they be used as upmix source? 

Ambisonics are great and get you to a really good starting point for building your mix but definitely not essential with our toolset. Other suites make more use of them as I'm sure you are aware. 

Hope this helps. 

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Hi Ceri, 

Thank you for your answer and sorry for never getting back to you. 

The stereo files I was planning on using were just ocean sounds. The camera is located on a helicopter and I wanted to add the sound from below. The file I had was a stereo file from a library but I could definitely make it mono if that makes more sense with the suite. I'm just not sure what the best approach is in this case. 

To go back to Ambisonics, I do have a few recording for another project that are in ambisonics and would love the possibility of using them with the suite and be able to rotate those files. What would you recommend in this case? 

Thank you for your help




There are a few of options for Ambisonic decode.


SurroundZone2 from TSL will decode B-Format to up to 7.1 (lose the height component of the Ambisonic)



a/ Decode to Atmos beds - not recommended as Beds are head relative

B/ Decode to one of the other formats i.e. Cube and place objects in the locations of the decoded sound sources. Be sure to set Harpex's ENV parameter to 0 and distance to a maximum of 50 on the Atmos panner. 

Let me know if you'd like more guidance with one or all of these options. 


That makes sense. Thank you for your answer, Ceri! 



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