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Video Sync Offset in Player

Now that we are getting more in-depth in the system with some active projects, one issue we are running into is the inability to compensate for the audio latency in the Dolby VR Renderer App relative the Dolby Video Player. Based on our tests the Renderer has about 3 frames of latency for rendering to binaural and about 2.5 frames of latency for rendering to b-format. 

We are currently compensating for this by adding black to the front of our videos that playback in the Oculus but a variable offset in the player would be easier. If there is some way to force the offset in ProTools to be followed by he player app that would also be helpful however a player native offset is preferable we could maintain the Pro Tools offset for Pro Tools timeline video.

Which player version are you using? The latest version has the ability to specify first frame of action as well as Video offset. When combined it should be possible to achieve what you are looking to for at least for the full frames portion. 


FFOA 01:00:00:00

Offset 00:00:00:03

As you have noted there is definitely latency in the binaural engine and will be improving as development continues. 

I've been using an old shortcut with a red icon thinking it was linked to the updated player. Nice when the feature you request is already available. 

That FFmpeg script made to write extra frames to the front of my files no longer so useful. 


Ahh yes the new purple hotness is where you want to be. :)

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