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Video specs

Hey guys,

we find the specs limitations for the VR player on the windows machine extremely limiting. Is there any reason why this can't be opened up?

We have to transcoder every video to a lower resultion and strip out the audio.

In a perfect world the player would play everything that's thrown at it and just ignore the embedded audio.

In our case, the video editing department exports ProRes422 HQ with 3840x1920 (2:1) and embedded stereo audio that then is delivered to audio post.

So, please support ProRes, 4k/UHD resolutions and embedded sound.

Thanks for your post. Obviously this is a problem and we know that. 

To the rest of the community what file formats, frame sizes etc are you seeing on a regular basis?

HEVC,Avid DNXHD, H264, Pro Res, JPEG2000 etc? 

We won't be able to support everything as Red Bull ask us too above but then this is not a perfect world but if there're more common formats that the community is seeing we might be able to widen the support significantly. 


Thanks Ceri. Of course I know you can't support everything (that's why the 'perfect world'..)

The formats we use here are either ProRes442HQ or H264, both in MOV container, frame sizes either UHD (3840x1920) or 4k (4096x2048)



yes this would be a fantastic feature... especially now that FB360 have integrated video into the panner.
I also use 3840x1920 ProRes442HQ or H264


Thanks for the feedback. 

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