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Audio in HMD

It would very helpful if the monitor app could have an option to send the audio to the HMD headphones instead or returning to the PT session and monitored on a different pair of headphones.  Using the built-in headphones on the Rift would make the HMD more comfortable to wear and would be a way to proof the mix on a final delivery setup.  Perhaps this is already an option, but I haven't found that functionality.  


Great point. 

DanteVia is your friend with this. You'd require a DanteVia license for both your Pro Tools system and the VR Monitor PC but the system can then be configured to output your Headphone output from Pro Tools via Ethernet to the PC for output on the Oculus HMD headphones. 

I'll try and put something specific together later but I've had it working in the past. 


Thanks, Ceri.  We'll look into that.  So then the same ethernet cable that already connects the PC to the Mac can be used?  Or would it require a second cable?

I used the same one. The data for the HMD's coordinates and transport commands is not overwhelming the pipeline so fitting two extra audio channels down it is fine. 

Not run tests for extra latency etc so be aware that it might not be a guarantee of sync etc but it certainly makes the HMD experience slightly smoother than the extra headphones. 

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Thanks!  Can we expect a more streamlined solution in the future?  Possibly even a setting in the monitor app itself to route the output to the ethernet cable?  

There's obviously a great benefit to listening to the PT output as well, especially because of the flexibility of using any and as many different headphones as desired to compare the mix, much the same way one would do with traditional mixing on speakers.  

Thanks for all the hard work.  

I wouldn't rule it out but nothing specific to talk about at this point. 

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