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Binaural mode: SOFA import?

When the Atmos panner plugin is put into binaural mode, I'm assuming that the filtering is based on some generalized HRTF library or possibly some that Dolby did? It would be super cool to have the ability to tailor it by being able to import SOFA HRTFs. That way if developers have been working with a certain library (ex. CIPIC), they can continue working with a set they are familiar with (and works for them) while working with Atmos. Just a thought I had while working on somethings today. Thanks for all your hard work! We all appreciate it.

Hi Daniel, thanks for the suggestion. Curious how this would all work on the ultimate play out device, for the content consumer (who could be using a different HRTF). I guess this would be analogous to mixing using a known set of studio reference monitors, and acknowledging that different listeners will have different experiences based on their playback environment.

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You are correct in questioning how changing HRTFs would affect the final render for the consumer as well as your analogy of it being like an engineer using a specific set of studio monitors because they know how they sound and work well for them. Overall, I think it would bring a nice level of customization to the binaural aspect of the Atmos VR tool suite. Ceri had mentioned something about the SOFA format... I do think this would be the best format to implement. AES has helped to standardize the SOFA format which has led to a number of different HRTF libraries being available as SOFA files.

Thanks again!

I can't make any promises about the productization of it but the research element is already in place. The research team can look at adding the SOFA format, currently the only files that can get loaded into the function that exists are custom formatted MATLAB files. It is hidden functionality as it has a negative effect on the final product when listening through your own filters. Those of the team who have been on the beta for a long time will remember some other functions that helped the content creator but then had a negative impact when that functionality wasn't present right through the chain. 

As I said no promises at all and we have significant improvements in the pipeline that I think you'll like more but taken as feedback!!


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Thanks Ceri and Sheldon. I look forward to seeing and hearing what you and the rest of the team have in store for us!

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