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Entering In Out times in Renderer Mastering tab

Apologies if this more falls under a feature request vs a bug.

When trying to enter In/Out timecodes under the Set Master Recording In/Out, two things seem a bit strange.

By default, timecode is set to --:--:--:--.  I would expect that when you click on one of the sets of --, it would allow you to type in your value (like in Pro Tools), but instead inserts the text between the dashes "-01-:--:--:--"

Using a traditional method of entering timecodes in Pro Tools, I am used to:

clicking the cursor over the hour position, entering the hour, right arrow to enter min, right arrow to enter sec, right arrow to enter frames, followed by enter to commit entry.


Also, it seems like you should be able to copy timecode from the pro tools transport and paste it into these fields, but doesn't seem to support pasting.

Ideally, I would think that by dropping the cursor in the "Out" field followed by "command-c" it should auto populate, but does not.

It sounds like a small detail, but I am using the workstation button on my Artist Control to switch between Pro Tools and the Renderer on the same monitor, so would speed up the process being able to copy and paste timecodes vs having to position the window where you can see PT In/Out and manually type them into the renderer including the colons.

Again, apologies if this falls more under feature request vs. bugs/issues!

This area definitely needs some attention but it won't be for some time. It also bugs me that typing 01000000 does not automatically populate to 01:00:00:00. If you're using the Artist control maybe we could come up with a Macro to perform this process? I'll see what options exist for this. 

Thanks for the feedback, it is noted and I'll pass it to the UI team. 

Thanks Korey, good feedback. Agreed that the behavior could be improved, and you've given some great suggestions.

Thank you both for the quick response!  Unfortunately I think the problem with programming a macro would be the localized clicks in both Pro Tools and the renderer.  TECHNICALLY with something like an x-keys YK-24 you could program the localized click sequence of copying and pasting the ins and outs (assuming the windows are always in the same place), but would be more overkill for a relatively infrequent task.

I would be happy with simple copy/paste in those fields + 01000000 format entry.  Thanks again for listening!

Will try and have something out to you later today that might help

Cool - no hurry on my behaf.  I can for sure manually enter in the meantime - just trying to be a thorough as possible!

After many attempts at working around this issue I checked with our UI designer who confirmed it would need to be a Right Click to paste into the In/Out fields which as you flagged in your original post means we'd need to know the location to right click in. 

Will definitely flag this for feature request. 

The new version of the Renderer autofills in the colons in the Timecode fields which should smooth your workflow. You'll still need to manually enter In/out points but you can now just enter 01000000 and it will fill to 01:00:00:00.

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