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Windows support

Is there a plan to support Windows with the Atmos VR Production Suite, either in beta or release?

With the lack of a new Mac Pro from Apple, and it looking less and less likely there will be a replacement, I'm looking at moving to Windows, but would love to keep working with Atmos for VR.

While I can't comment on that right now it's worth noting that the theatrical renderer is exclusively Windows based as was the first version of the VR Production Suite. We focussed on development on the Mac side for audio tools as predominantly it is the platform of choice for audio engineers. In the interest of not spreading ourselves too thinly we focussed on the software renderer over keeping parity with the windows hardware solution. 

How valuable would a windows version be to the community? Please add a vote to this thread if you'd prefer to be windows based if the toolset was available



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(Mac Based for the audio side here.)


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