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Game Engine Style Ambient Effects

The fact that Atmos is object based makes me think of the way game engines use a similar concept to achieve spatial audio.  Thinking in these terms, I'm wondering if it would be possible to create "zones" of ambient effects within Atmos.  For instance, in the same shot there might be different ambient spaces that would cause sounds happening in them to sound different.  Say a character is in a hotel room with a walk-in closet on one side and a connected bathroom on the other.  The camera may remain stationary by the bed while the character moves around talking.  If the physical space could be approximated by the mixer setting up different ambient zones, then different reflection and EQ settings could be applied to these zones specifically and independently.  Then those effects would be applied every time the character walks into those zones.  The mixer would use the panner automation to move the ADR track to match picture.  Am I making sense?  

I realize that 360º video isn't a 3D space in the way an environment that is created in a game engine is (3DOF as opposed to 6DOF), but it seems to me that some of these same mixing concepts could be applied.  Would this require too big a change in the way Atmos renders and is played back on various devices?

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Yes this is possible and doesn't require a big change in the way Atmos renders. You are right that this is one of the benefits of an object based system.

I can't say more…

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