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AmbiX export issues

Hello all,

I didnt see this covered elsewhere - and my issue does not seem directly related to the dolby outputs. But when importing AmbiX as audio for GearVR - using FB360 encode we are getting L and R swapped. Has anybody encountered this already and had a chance to track down the issue?

I ve looked at the AmbiX outputs and their channel order is correct. So I am assuming it is somewhere in the process of transcode/playback. My apologies for posting what may be a non-Dolby issue but this has been a bug in the ointment for the workflow.

We will be running tests checking channel order at different stages. But any insights before we tackle this would be welcomed.

Thanks, Geoff Mitchell (NFB Canada)

Hi Geoff,

No problem at all discussing non-Dolby issues here. The forum is for the benefit of the community, so chances are someone else has the same question (and hopefully and answer). 

Be sure to also check out the Facebook 360 Spatial Workstation forum - I've seen lots of questions/answers there regarding channel order.


Hi Sheldon, thanks for response! Good reference - I will check there as well.

(btw- Enjoying the Dolby workflow so far - and looking forward to spending less time on encoding/compatibility issues and more time in your mixing environment!)


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