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Atmos for headphones and LFE

What happens to the LFE channel in an Atmos for Headphones mix? I know that the LFE is discarded when downimixing 5.1 to stereo, but is the same true for and atmos mix?

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I'm trying out binaural render mode (mixing on cans) and have also noticed that sending anything to the LFE disappears - I assume this is normal behaviour. Might be useful to add a note about this to clarify the behaviour in the manual.

ps. it seems a bit strange if you are working in a premix scenario where you want to assign something to the LFE on cans and then figure that part of the mix on speakers later, and maybe for that workflow, it could be useful to add an option in the binaural render mode to include LFE (with level).

Hi Adam, I guess I'm using the 32 tracks template but in buses io page I can see 33-128 buses have been mapped to objects but they are all inactive and names are in italics. The panning of the guitar object looks fine in the renderer "theatre view". I tried rendering offline as well as online using the send return plugins.

Hi Rigveda,

There are templates for 32, 64, and 128 total tracks with the send/return plug-ins.   Which one are you using?   Can you verify if you are seeing the panning behavior you are describing in the renderer meters when setting the monitoring for 7.1.   Is this with the offline re-render or the realtime via aux track(s) using the renderer return plug-in?   I'm not able to replicate this.    This could be how you have the return aux sends bussed.    I will look into the LFE in behavior in binaural but in reality you probably don't really want to put a bass guitar only in the LFE and it will be discarded in Lo/Ro downmixes.     



Hi Adam, I was trying to mix open tracks of Hotel California in 7.1.4 Atmos using the production suite. It's my first time mixing a song in surround and Atmos. I have assigned the bass guitar to the 7.1.2 bed.lfe channel in the default template. (Btw default template is not allowing more than 32 objects somehow. Any idea why?) The Atmos mix, 7.1 and 5.1 re-renders play fine but the stereo binaural lacks the bass guitar track completely. What mistake am i making? My kick drum is panned to center and bass management is on and plays back fine. Also to experiment, I have panned the solo guitar in the overheads as an object and moved it around in clockwise manner - ltf -> rtf -> rtr -> ltr but in the 7.1 re renders, the sound moves between the ls->rs->r rs -> l rs and doesn't play in the front l c r. Any idea what I'm I doing wrong? Regards Rigveda

Thanks Adam. That helps a great deal :)

I asked around about this.   The +10dB that is applied on the b-chain is not applied to the headphone mix as it easy to overload headphones and earbuds.    Translating the amount of LFE level between headphones and speakers is challenging.  Headphones not only have bass handling limitations but part of how we experience the LFE with speakers uses our body and not just our ears.    The best thing to do would be experiment and audition headphones and earbuds with some of your mixes.    It is unlikely that you'd want to increase the level beyond what your are comfortable with in your calibrated room.   Hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply, Adam. My monitoring system has +10db added to the LFE channel, so in theory the audio content is 10db down on what I actually hear. What happens to the LFE in the binaural mix with regards to this? Do I trust that the mix i produce will be at the correct level for headphone users?

best regards


Hi Jamie,   Welcome and thanks for posting to the forum.   The binaural headphone output from the Production Suite doesn't for the same downmix rules as a 5.1 to Lo/Ro or LtRt downmix.   In this case the LFE is not discarded but is mixed into the binaural headphone output from the Production Suite as dual mono (-3db).

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