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Atmos for headphones and LFE

What happens to the LFE channel in an Atmos for Headphones mix? I know that the LFE is discarded when downimixing 5.1 to stereo, but is the same true for and atmos mix?

Hi Jamie,   Welcome and thanks for posting to the forum.   The binaural headphone output from the Production Suite doesn't for the same downmix rules as a 5.1 to Lo/Ro or LtRt downmix.   In this case the LFE is not discarded but is mixed into the binaural headphone output from the Production Suite as dual mono (-3db).

Thanks for the reply, Adam. My monitoring system has +10db added to the LFE channel, so in theory the audio content is 10db down on what I actually hear. What happens to the LFE in the binaural mix with regards to this? Do I trust that the mix i produce will be at the correct level for headphone users?

best regards


I asked around about this.   The +10dB that is applied on the b-chain is not applied to the headphone mix as it easy to overload headphones and earbuds.    Translating the amount of LFE level between headphones and speakers is challenging.  Headphones not only have bass handling limitations but part of how we experience the LFE with speakers uses our body and not just our ears.    The best thing to do would be experiment and audition headphones and earbuds with some of your mixes.    It is unlikely that you'd want to increase the level beyond what your are comfortable with in your calibrated room.   Hope that helps.


Thanks Adam. That helps a great deal :)

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