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4K for Dolby VR Player on Android

Hi there,

I read in the guide that the player only goes to full HD (1920x1080). In my opinion, that resolution is not good enough for stereoscopic 360 videos (you lose too much definition)

Are you planning to support 4K in the future? If so, when will we see this update in the player? 

Our videos are 4096x2048 h265 at 18 Mbps.


Hi Mani,

Thanks for the feedback. We have a long list of features and formats for VR player, including 4K and H.265 support as you suggest. 

We'd love to be able to offer a super fully-featured player, but for now our resources are focused only on providing basic functionality (as it's intended for basic playback/QA of audio primarily, and is not available for commercial sale or use). So 4k and H.265 won't be coming soon...sorry. 


Hi Sheldon,

Thanks for the update, I completely understand the situation. For now, we will just playback in 360 not 3D. 

Are there any paid VR players or platforms compatible with Dolby and capable of playing 4K resolutions? 

I heard that Jaunt and LittlStar are compatible with Dolby Atmos VR but I don't know if their players are also able to playback at 4K resolutions.

Thank you!

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