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Converting an old dolby panner / renderer session for use with new Dolby Prodcution Suite


I am working in a 9.1 (7.1 + stereo overheads) room.

The Pro Tools session I am working on was started using the old dolby panner and renderer plugins, and as those licenses have now expired I have bought the new Dolby Production Suite license and downloaded and installed it.

Could someone explain how I can convert / modify my existing session to have successful playback and monitoring of my 7.1 beds, overhead content and objects?

Thanks in advance

Hello Steve! I assume you used to work with the "Local Renderer" Plug ins before?

You can continue using your existing session structure, you simply need to replace the old Local Renderer Plug Ins (called "RENDERER INPUT" and "RENDERER OUTPUT"), by our new Production Suite Plug Ins, which are called "RENDERER SEND" and "RENDERER RETURN".

(SEND replaces the INPUT Plug-Ins, RETURN replaces the OUTPUT Plug-Ins).

Please Note: The Local Renderer INPUT Plug In for the Bed was a Multichannel Plug In (7.1 + Stereo). While the new Renderer SEND Plug In only exists as (Multi)-Mono.

Therefore, for the Bed you should insert the SEND Plug-In as Multi-Mono, then unlink the individual channels in the PlugIn (click on the "Master Link Button" top right corner). Then assign: L=1 R =2 C=3 LFE=4 and so on.

You will also find Session-Templates for the Production Suite in your Pro Tools template folder, where you can see how the SENDS and RETURNS are routed.

Best wishes, David

Thank you for your help David, it is all working now!


Hi Steve,

I'd also add that if you are wanting to use the old Dolby Atmos panner metadata you can convert it to the new Pro Tools Atmos panner metadata by going to Edit: Automation: Duplicate Atmos Plug-in Automation to Pan Automation. It will then apply the Atmos panner metadata automation to the Pro Tools panner automation lanes.

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