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video sync offset. 3 frame delay on renderer.

Have you attempted to send a 2-pop to the renderer and to the output bus at the same time?  Im getting a 3 frame delay on the renderer.  This is not fixed with video sync offset It makes it worse. 

I've confirmed the same with another persons system. 

*Ive recorded the pops with my sony d50 and can confirm the delay is about 2.75 frames  

(2.81 MB)

* it doenst increase the latency in the local renderer but makes the entire system even more out of sync. 

12.8.2 is my protools version. 

The renderer is out of sync by 2.75 frames. If I try to account for this with video sync offset by adding 11 qf of delay I end up with the audio being out of sync by 5 frames. My reason for doing this is I am trying to figure out why there is a noticeable delay on anything traveling through the local renderer. 

Protools video sync offset doesnt care about what bus is what.  You just tell it how many qf to offset and it does it. It I adjust it for the local renderer it should make the local renderer and everything going to it in sync. Obviously anything not going to the local renderer will be out of sync.  The issue is adjust the video sync offset increases the latency in the local renderer.  

I've confirmed this issue on someone elses system. 

Might I ask what you are trying to achieve with this test? 

The Renderer is known to have a delay inherent in the signal path which can be compensated for by the Video Sync Offset but you appear to be sending to an output bus also which would bypass the Renderers delay and therefore be the source that Pro Tools was trying to compensate for with the Video Sync Offset. 

I guess I'm trying to ascertain why you'd be sending to the renderer and also to a direct output. 

its actually a 2.75 frame delay@23.976 Video sync offset wont fix it. If I put 11 qf delay on video off sync catchin sync now reports 5 frames of delay between the pop and the picture.

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