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video sync offset. 3 frame delay on renderer.

Have you attempted to send a 2-pop to the renderer and to the output bus at the same time?  Im getting a 3 frame delay on the renderer.  This is not fixed with video sync offset It makes it worse. 

I've confirmed the same with another persons system. 

*Ive recorded the pops with my sony d50 and can confirm the delay is about 2.75 frames  

(2.81 MB)

it seems the z plan is freezing to whatever value you set it to in freehand mode and then holds that level in the arc setting.  Is this working as intended? 


and now the session crashes to desktop when opening.  All backups do this as well.  If I create a new session and import the data it also crashes to desktop.  If I make a new session and import all tracks EXCEPT ones related to dolby it doesnt crash.  I've emailed the session to andrew. Not fun guys. 

Im going to abandon this software for now. No time for beta testing. 

Jeff, I've been trying to recreate this with no luck. Please email me the session so I can take a look. 

Ive sent the session to andy v

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