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video sync offset. 3 frame delay on renderer.

Have you attempted to send a 2-pop to the renderer and to the output bus at the same time?  Im getting a 3 frame delay on the renderer.  This is not fixed with video sync offset It makes it worse. 

I've confirmed the same with another persons system. 

*Ive recorded the pops with my sony d50 and can confirm the delay is about 2.75 frames  

(2.81 MB)

Ive sent the session to andy v

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Jeff, I've been trying to recreate this with no luck. Please email me the session so I can take a look. 

Im going to abandon this software for now. No time for beta testing. 

and now the session crashes to desktop when opening.  All backups do this as well.  If I create a new session and import the data it also crashes to desktop.  If I make a new session and import all tracks EXCEPT ones related to dolby it doesnt crash.  I've emailed the session to andrew. Not fun guys. 

it seems the z plan is freezing to whatever value you set it to in freehand mode and then holds that level in the arc setting.  Is this working as intended? 


yeah these panners z plan is broken is seems.  I have another set that was working and now the z plan is disabled? Clients in 10 minutes

Is the z plane supposed to be moving in this mode? 

Let us know if you experience any issues with the renderer. 

sure.  I can.  My worry right now is if this number isnt constant. As I was at 2.5 frames of delay on the system.  Then wiping out the auxes to the local renderer for the beds and bringing them back has changed this. I will monitor for a few days to make sure it wont. 

Also video sync offset was working for me in 10 on desktop video ;)

Yes, I've seen this before but oddly the other way round, objects more latency than beds. I don't have a good answer for you on that maybe one of my counterparts will. 

Glad the Video offset issue is resolved for you. 

For other users who may come across this and also have video hardware attached the Video Sync offset will operate on your Video Hardware but not the "Desktop" video so when putting in offsets you will see that the desktop video behaves differently than your video card outputs. 

That being said the calculation would be an overall so if for example you have an 18qfr delay in your projector chain then adding in 11qfr delay (as in this example) to the chain will result in an overall Video Sync offset of 7qfr not 29qfr.

Now to get that Bed/Object delay figured out!

Is it possible to place Time Adjuster plugins on all of your object tracks before the Send plugin to compensate?

and just for more info the bed tracks go to a aux bus with only the send on it.  The object tracks are going to a aux but as in the templates.  No other plug ins are in the chain with either of these channels. 

ok I think using negative values fixes that. Strangely I'm at -2qf???  However in my testing I've found another issue. Its easier to show you a video of this but basically the object tracks and the bed tracks have different latency.  the beds having greater latency then objects...

ok i will give that a try and report back. 

It seems this behavior affects video after AVE introduced but not before i.e. PT10 with QT engine did not offset internal video but did effect external devices.

Ok so after some inverstigation it seems Video Sync Offset is designed to compensate for delays in the video chain not the audio chain. If you are adding 11 quarter frames of video sync offset to an audio delay of 3 frames then you are pushing the video further towards 00hr thus increasing the overall latency of the system.,

To compensate for the audio offset induced by the renderer try putting the 11 frames as a negative video offset.

So -11 rather than 11.

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