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Ina-GRM Tools plugins crashing Pro Tools when renderer is running - Dolby Atmos Production Suite

Hello all,

I'm using the Dolby Atmos Production Suite for feature film sound design prior to material being delivered to the mix room/stage/theatre.

Inserting a plugin from Ina-GRM consistently crashes Pro Tools in sessions with Dolby Renderer Send/Return plugins inserted and whilst Pro Tools is connected to a renderer in the peripherals dialogue.

My current workaround is to disconnect from the renderer (in the PT peripherals) and then load another session without any dolby send/return tracks - use the GRM tools, and then bounce to disk and import the material back into the 'main' session.

I have been in contact with Ina-GRM many times regarding this, who tell me they are still waiting for a response from Dolby. I would dearly love to see this issue addressed so that the Ina-GRM plugins can function within a Dolby Atmos Production Suite workflow correctly

I am using Pro Tools HD Native 12.8.3

MacOS 10.12.6

Dolby Atmos Monitor 1.6.3

Dolby Atmos Renderer 2.5.3

Hi James,

Thanks for the report and files.  We've recently pointed Ina-GRM to a demo version of the Production Suite and will extend a license as needed while they look into this.    The Renderer' compatibility with all developers' plug-ins cannot be guaranteed and we sincerely hope a solution can be found to make these useful plug-ins work seamlessly. 


In the meantime I'll forward on the log to the engineering team and see if they can spare cycles to point Ina-GRM in the right direction.



Dolby Labs

Thank you Adam,

I look forward to more developments in the near future

 This problem still persists, nearly two years since it was first reported, and after all software involved has been updated

Pro Tools Ultimate Native 2019.6.0

GRM Tools 3.8

Dolby Atmos Renderer  3.2.0_5091299

MacOS 10.13.6

I have yet again been in touch with GRM, but they state that they alone cannot fix the problem.

I sincerely look forward to this been addressed

I have some good news about GRM Tools;

I 've been using version 3.9.0. with PT Ultimate 2019.12 in sessions using Dolby Audio Bridge and had no crashes at all! This version came out in second week of February and is 64 bit only.

Finally Spaces in Atmos!!!

cheers, Nenad

Thanks Nenad - I can also confirm that GRM Tools seems to be behaving normally now.

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