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Ina-GRM Tools plugins crashing Pro Tools when renderer is running - Dolby Atmos Production Suite

Hello all,

I'm using the Dolby Atmos Production Suite for feature film sound design prior to material being delivered to the mix room/stage/theatre.

Inserting a plugin from Ina-GRM consistently crashes Pro Tools in sessions with Dolby Renderer Send/Return plugins inserted and whilst Pro Tools is connected to a renderer in the peripherals dialogue.

My current workaround is to disconnect from the renderer (in the PT peripherals) and then load another session without any dolby send/return tracks - use the GRM tools, and then bounce to disk and import the material back into the 'main' session.

I have been in contact with Ina-GRM many times regarding this, who tell me they are still waiting for a response from Dolby. I would dearly love to see this issue addressed so that the Ina-GRM plugins can function within a Dolby Atmos Production Suite workflow correctly

I am using Pro Tools HD Native 12.8.3

MacOS 10.12.6

Dolby Atmos Monitor 1.6.3

Dolby Atmos Renderer 2.5.3

Hi James,

Thanks for the report and files.  We've recently pointed Ina-GRM to a demo version of the Production Suite and will extend a license as needed while they look into this.    The Renderer' compatibility with all developers' plug-ins cannot be guaranteed and we sincerely hope a solution can be found to make these useful plug-ins work seamlessly. 


In the meantime I'll forward on the log to the engineering team and see if they can spare cycles to point Ina-GRM in the right direction.



Dolby Labs

Thank you Adam,

I look forward to more developments in the near future

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