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Routing the Renderer's Send Plug-In to its Respective Renderer Send Channel

I'm currently studying Music Technology at New York University. As part of an Independent Study, I've been exploring the use of sound spatialisation as a narrative device when working with an object-based immersive surround sound format. For this work, I'm using Dolby Atmos. I decided to create my own Pro Tools session for Dolby Atmos instead of using one of the supplied templates. When creating the session, I'm unable to route the Renderer's Send plug-in to its respective Renderer send channel. Every time I click on the send channel it returns to None. How can I go about resolving this issue?


I didn’t see anywhere hidden please give me some suggestions what to do I’m stuck in a project Thanks
Hi I even uninstalled and reinstalled again couple times but same thing also I updated to 2.5.3 still same I don’t know what to do kindly help Thanks

If you've uninstalled and reinstalled 2.5.3 what do you see?   That should bring you back to the old renderer.


Hi thanks for reply I looking same thing the monitor app is working but Renderer app same thing preferences grey and full screen also grey when I click show main window nothing happened am I doing something wrong please advise Thanks
Even if I start new project it’s same thing

The Monitor application is not required at all with v3.0.   It isn't essential with v2.53.   You can only run one version of the renderer application via uninstalling/reinstalling and restarting.   Updating to the latest ilok manager and resyncing probably isn't a bad idea.

V3.0 displays individual windows including the renderer itself and preferences from the menu bar.   The same functions are via tabs in v2.53.   Make sure you are connected to the localhost (or local ip) in Pro Tools peripherals/Atmos.   If using v3.0 please set the Audio Driver to use the Send/Return plug-ins to start before delving into the Dolby Atmos Bridge.   Note that use of the Dolby Atmos Bridge isn't possible with an HDX system.


K can you send me link to version 3 and also I’m using hdx with protools ultimate latest version 2018.7 Please tell me where I can get v3 Renderer

Ok.  Good.  V3 is not yet released but was briefly accessible.  It will be release shortly.   Please send a screen grab of what you are seeing with v2.5.3.  Thanks.


I am sending you screenshots of dolby renderer please have a look



(2.51 MB)
(2.19 MB)

Hi adam I already sent you screenshots of my dolby Atmos renderer app.

please check and help me



Hi adam i am running Mac OS Sierra 10.12.6 please let me know if that is the issue. I am so stressed out that everyone has renderer up running good and why not I am getting that please tell me if I did any wrong settings



Hi Sona,   It sounds like this should be a new forum post.   Is this the same system that Scott was running or a different system?   Was this ever working or is this a problem with a new installation?   It sounds like it is minimized.   I will not be able to install this version until tomorrow.    It may be good to create a new forum post for this so more eyes are on this.    Adam  

sorry it. is a new post I am not Scott I am son from Canada and it's totally different system.

I will post again 



I did not see anywhere minimize window

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