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How to extract Dolby Atmos Master File(.Atmos) from Dolby TrueHD/Atmos Movies

I want to Re-encode TrueHD / Atmos but have not  Dolby Atmos Master File(.Atmos)

Pls help!

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Hi Sergey,

With Dolby Media Producer Suite Decoder you can decode the .mlp to 7.1 channels of PCM and the .ac3 to 5.1.  

You can't decode the Atmos presentation directly.   Even if you could there is no way to recreate an .atmos master file with up to 128 channels of audio and object metadata as the master file is spatially coded to between 11.1 to 15.1 elements as part of the encoding process.



Hi there.   I'm afraid you can't extract a Dolby Atmos Master File (.atmos) from TrueHD.   You'll need to request the file set to be able to re-encode.    Best, Adam

Hello Adam.

You mean that if I have Dolby Atmos file (ThrueHD (Atmos).thd+ac3) I can't decoding it to initial channels with map (File.Atmos)?

Is it not possible to demux, or just soft for decoding not developed?

Best regards, Sergey.

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