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Is the VR stuff still being developed?

 Hey guys, seeing that this subforum is more or less no longer active now for a year or so, and also the development seems to be stalled, can you please let us know what the current status of the VR aspect of Atmos is? Is this still being developed? I still very much like the Dolby VR workflow, even for creating the FB360 masters. If you PLEASE could upgrade the re-render engines from FOA to SOA? That would at least keep it compatible to recent developments.


Sebastian, Senior Manager Audio Post Production, Red Bull

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Hi Sebastian,   

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.   VR tools are expected to remain available at their current level of functionality as part of the Dolby Atmos Production Suite.   They are not current in development but I've entered the request for Second Order Ambisonics in the request queue for evaluation.   



Understood, thanks for the heads up Adam. Maybe you can also but into that queue the possibility to upgrade the ProTools internal panner to also work for VR. Seeing that it now supports Atmos this sounds like a no brainer.

The virtual reality now supports on android and ios devices. You can use VR technology by using some gadgets, VR lens. Samsung developed some VR gadget. Now youtube supports VR. you can help from dell printer support number to enable this features and some VR game is available in play store and app store.

Has there been any progress on getting second- (or higher) order ambisonic recordings into Atmos?



Here's one way:

Blue Ripple Sounds O3A Core Injector --> Blue Ripple Sounds O3A Decoder - 7.2.1 (Dolby Atmos)

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