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Atmos MXF mux to mp4

Our studio just finished doing an Atmos mix for a mobile company client. The MXF is to be sent to dolby for checking and once it's been approved we'll also be doing a DCP for the project, as well as an mp4 with atmos sound to be played using an atmos soundbar. Our dolby contact pointed us to Avid Atmos production suite and the dolby media producer suite, both of which we have already bought. 

I just want to know how to go about the workflow here once the MXF has been approved. I assume we then pass it through the dolby media production suite to have Dolby TrueHD or Dolby Digital Plus and then Mux it to mp4. 

I would also like to what to use for muxing the audio into mp4. What do you guys use? 

Hi,  A transport stream (.ts) might be able to be sideloaded to a soundbar but an mp4 would be a better bet.

For getting Atmos as Dolby Digital Plus with Atmos Content as encoded by Dolby Media Producer in a .ts you'd need to use the DMG-HLS component of the Dolby Media Generator Video version and set the chunk duration to "infinity" to get a .ts file of the entire content.    I can forward this request to our office in Singapore who'd be the ones that would have to process this request for an evaluation as it is not available via dealers.

Thank you. Dolby singapore agreed to give us 6month eval copy for dmg. I assume I still need media producer to convert to ec3 before using dmg?

Question - can the Dolby Media Producer encode to any 4K video formats? We're attempting to produce 4K Video content with Dolby Atmos audio. 

Hi Raheem,   Dolby Media Producer encodes audio only.   Muxing with video to .ts,  .mp4, or fragmented formats requires other applications.     

Thank you, AJP.  Would it be ok for me to email you some specific questions about this?

Hi! Is it possible to make a video mp4 without an approved .atmos file for testing at a consumer  Atmos installation ( lets say a  Atmos capable Marantz receiver), with just  the Dolby Media Producer Suite v.2, the Dolby Atmos Production Suits, Protools and an open Source muxing tool?

regard Chris

please apologize my bad english, i'm not a native  

Hi Chris,   I'm not sure what you mean by testing a consumer Atmos installation.   If the audio is not Atmos the AVR will upmix to get all the speakers active but it will not be decoding/rendering Dolby Atmos.   If this is what you want to do then yes you can just encode Dolby Digital or Dolby Digital Plus with the Dolby Media Producer Suite but most open source tools will not be able to mux it.

 If you have the Atmos Production Suite and Dolby Media Producer Suite you can use our open source muxer that can accept Atmos files.    These can be found here:

That would be my recommendation.



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Thanks for the fast answer. I want to: 

1.Make a Atmos mix with the Atmos Production Suite and Pro Tools,

2. render it out as the needed .atmos files,

3. encode it as a Atmos .ec3 file with the Dolby Media Producer Suite,

4. mux it, with the open source muxer you showed me, together with a h.264 video into a mp4 container,

5. copy the mp4 to a USB Stick, 

6. connect the USB to a 4k BD Player's USB Port thats connected to an atoms receiver via HDMI 2.0 and hear the full Atmos mix. 

Is this possible without sending it to Dolby for mastering?

regards Chris

Hi Chris,   Absolutely possible and recommended.  That is exactly the process to use to QC an Atmos mix on consumer equipment or even for Client mix approvals  Some AVRs will let you load the MP4 directly without the need for a Blu-ray Player.    There is no need for Dolby to be involved in this workflow.   Best,  Adam

iDealshare VideoGo also works great to convert mxf to mp4, mov, avi, apple prores, dv, wmv etc.
It has both Mac and Windows version.

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