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Porting the Dolby Atmos Production Suite to Windows/VST3

Hi everybody, I'm new here . . . [smiles and waves]

I've read the KB notes stating that the Dolby Atmos Production Suite is "only available for Pro Tools on macOS at this time."


I'm making what I suppose is the ultimate 'feature request' — namely, a full porting of the Suite and all related production tools over to Windows 10, for use with Cubase/Nuendo, Davinci Resolve, Reaper, &c.

Is such a major undertaking even under consideration?

I'll be happy to beta-test, if and when the time comes......................


  — Alan

Dear all,

Being also in a Windows ecosystem, I was wondering when/if a PC port of DAPS would happen?

Thank you for your help.

Kind regards,


Dear Dolby, I would really like to know if you are planning to release the Dolby Atmos Production Suite for windows. It is currently the only reason I am still using a trashcan mac pro and not upgrading to a “current / not outdated” spec’d PC. I seem to understand the RMU is basically a PC which makes me think it must be quite easy to port as most of the code is already available...? More and more people around me are switching back to running Pro Tools on Windows to take advantage if current CPU’s which makes even more sense considering the huge number of tracks we have to deal with during an Atmos mix. I would also be happy to beta test! Please let us know, Thanks! Morgan Bennett

Hi.   Apologies for the delay.   At present there is no plan to release the Dolby Atmos Production Suite for Windows.


The question is WHY isn't the Dolby Atmos Production Suite available for Windows.

Since the Local Renderer came to market and morphed into DAPS, the Pro Tools platform usage has changed considerably. What was in 2016, 68% Mac vs 24% PC, in 2019, 67% PC vs 30% Mac.

67% PC!

As has been mentioned by others, the Mastering Suite is PC based, so compiling DAPS for the Windows platform is a possibility. 

Surely Dolby want their platform to be accessible to as many creatives as possible, yet currently Windows audio pros who wish to mix in Atmos are being forced to buy Apple hardware just to use a $300 app. That's a crazy state of affairs.

So, again, why isn't DAPS available for Windows audio pros?

Pro Tools Expert : Pro Tools Usage Survey

Hi Richard,  Valid points all.   I'll raise this with the Product Manager but as it stands there are no plans for this now.   Thanks,   Adam

Thanks Adam.

I and others will watch for any developments.

I'd prefer to use the Apple money to buy more product from Dolby...

Kind regards


It's now the end of 2019 and DAPS for Windows still isn't a product.

I appreciate there may be no plans for it but please can the DAPS project manager kindly explain WHY DAPS isn't available for Windows 10.

Thank you


Can I add my request for an in-the-box ProTools mixing solution for Atmos (i.e DAPS or DAMS with a software bridge) in Windows?

As Richard points out above, the Windows userbase is growing and it feels like if Atmos is to become truly standard practice we're going to need it to be cross-platform to be practical.



+1 from me. With tools like Reaper and the Atmos Music Panner it's easier and more affordable than ever, to get into Dolby Atmos. However, being limited to macOS is the only thing that's keeping me from going all in.

One thing that could bridge the gap, would be a dedicated binaural renderer to complement the music panner. That way people would at least have a way to start working with Atmos regardless of their OS.

+1 for a Windows port... we need this to be cross platform asap!



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