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Dolby Atmos Renderer preference is grey out and main window doesn't show

Hi Adam I am using Protools Ultimate 2018.7 with 192 I/o legacy blue

when I open dolby renderer its window is not opening and preference is also grey please help me


(1.98 MB)
(2.19 MB)
(2.51 MB)


Preferences is always greyed out with v2.53 as all options are in the application.

I'm not seeing what you are seeing with the other two images.   With 2.53 running on OSX 10.12.3

In View I see:   Show Tab Bar, Show Main Window, Enter Full Screen

In Window I see:  Minimize, Zoom, Zoom All,  Greyed-Show Previous Tab, Greyed-Show Next Tab, Greyed-Move Tab to New Window, Greyed - Merge All Windows,  Bring All to Front,  Dolby Atmos Renderer.  

What OS are you running?


Hi I’m running OS 10.12.6 When I click show all windows it says no windows available Is that possible you send me v2.5.3 installer I have license in my ilok I tried downloading from Dolby website but it’s same thing Thanks

This could be a 12.6 issue.   The v2.53 installer you downloaded is exactly the same.   Please try opening Mission Control (Control UpArrow) to see if this is somehow hidden.

Hi I just didi mission control (control up arrow) and this is what message I got Thanks
(2.13 MB)
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