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Room Equalization Gone in V3!?

I've recently updated my Dolby Atmos Production Suite to V3.0 and was quite shocked to find that the room equalisation settings have vanished! I started reading the V3 documentation and found:

The EQ controls are supported with a Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite license.


6.5.7 Adjusting the equalization of each speaker (Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite only)

So, a software feature that I'd previously paid for (and used) is now no longer available! There was nothing in the upgrade instructions to indicate ANY sort of functionality would be lost as a result of upgrading.

I understand that distinctions between different types of software need to be made, but removing features from software between versions certainly seems a bit much! Imagine if for the next release of Pro Tools they dropped support for video playback in all versions but Ultimate? I promise you that wouldn't go down well...

Very disappointed...

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Hello,   EQ was removed as it wasn't being used by most Production Suite users and added to the CPU load on the renderer.   It was decided it was better to trade off the EQ functionality for better performance.    The Mastering Suite running on a dedicated workstation has the horsepower to act as the b-chain.   

Sorry this change has affected you.   All feedback is welcome and I'll pass it along to the product management team who look at the overall feature set for future releases.



Dolby Labs

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