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Re renders are out of Sync with respect to each other.

I place a 1 frame plop on dialog bed and dialog object, same position on fx bed and fx object. 5.1 re render output and LtRt rerender output have the objects plop in the right place but the bed plops come in nearly 2 frames late. All send plug ins, objects and beds, and re render returns are DSP resourced. My dialog bed re render output is out of sync with respect to my fx bed render output, so actually nothing is in the right place! Any help would be appreciated.

Hi,   Can you please clarify that if this issue is present with the Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite or the Dolby Atmos Production Suite.    And that this is running on an HDX system.   If I understand correctly you are seeing variable latency with any custom re-render using groups vs full mix.    Is that correct? 

Please also let us know what version of the Renderer you are using.

I'll need to get some feedback and do some tests.    With the Mastering Suite Renderer running on an RMU using a 2pop or plop is a workaround.  

Thanks,  Adam

Hi, so this is on Production Suite although we have had similar issues on our mastering suite. I have one template that works absolutely bang on in Production Suite but have another template which is nearly identical, just contains more reverbs which displays the above artifacts.Also our local Dolby rep advised us that there is an approximate 40 ms latency out of our RMU on the 'live' re renders ? In answer to your question we are running HDX2 on all our machines and have tried v3 production suite and also rolled back to the previous version. Also could expand on what this means please?..I got this from this forum.......the delay reported by processing plug-ins on tracks being sent to the Dolby Atmos Renderer is not compensated for by Pro Tools. This affects the rendered output and also the recorded master file. Avoid this delay by equalizing and controlling the delay applied to all tracks before being routed to the auxiliary tracks that have Dolby Dolby Renderer Send plug-ins inserted on them. [DACT-4789] Many thanks. Rich

Hi Rich,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

Delay compensation in Pro Tools is on the physical output.     The inputs to the renderer come via the send plugins which are on aux tracks so automatic delay compensation for plugins is not applied.  When you put reverb on tracks that feed the Production Suite via the send plugin on aux tracks the audio needs to be shifted earlier to maintain sync.    In Pro Tools if you go to View/Mix Window Views/Delay Compensation you can see the amount of the shift (in samples) that will need to be applied.

When using the RMU with physical outputs you don't need to shift anything earlier as the plugin delay is compensated for via the amount in the Delay Compensation view.    However the RMU itself has a fixed latency of 44ms so you will need to shift any re-renders that you record back into Pro Tools once the recording is complete.    Using a 2pip/plop is the best way to do this.

Hope this helps.



I am having an issue using the Mastering suite running on a dedicated renderer where the audio into the renderer is about 3 1/2 frames early.  We are setup using a dual operator configuration (DXMX & FX) using focusrite HD32Rs.  Delay compensation is set on both mix rigs.

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