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Choosing Surround / OH Speakers for 7.1.4 upgrade


I am currently mixing in 5.1 w/ (5) JBL LSR 4326P + (1) 4312SP

My room is 11'w x14'l x9'h

I am going to be upgrading the space to 7.1.4

I am planning to keep (3) LSR 4326P for my LCR and the 4312SP

For OH I am currently looking at the JBL SCS 8 x 4

For SS and RS I am leaning towards the SCS 8 as well, but am wondering if there is any problem with going this route? An alternative would be something more traditional like the 8320 either for just the surrounds or all around.

The more I am looking at it, the more I am thinking the 8320's might be a better fit for the surrounds as the 120x120 dispersion feels kind of wide for the surrounds.

Would there be any reason to not mix with the SCS 8 for the tops.  It seems like this wider dispersion would actually be a benefit for the tops.

Hey Korey, Dropping you an email. 

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