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Bass Management

I have a doubt regarding bass management, in an Atmos 7.1.4 room, intended for mixing for OTT delivery, eg. Netflix.

In our configuration, all 7 speakers at ear level will be identical and the ceiling ones a bit smaller, but all from the same manufacturer and range.

Although I assume that bass management is not mandatory in such a configuration, and the sub can only be used for the Lfe channel, I read some Dolby info that recommends that the ceiling speakers should be bass managed, even if sharing the sub that gets the Lfe channel from the 7.1 mix.

Would it be possible to get more info on this subject? Many thanks.

Hi Paulo,

If using speakers with limited low-frequency response, it is necessary to employ bass management

to redirect low-frequency sounds to the subwoofer. A crossover point of around 80 Hz or below is

recommended to reduce the localization of the subwoofer.

This can be done in the Atmos Production Suite software under preference or downstream in the b-chain processing.    

Bass Mgmt of the overhead speakers needn't require a separate subwoofer.



Hi Adam,

thanks a lot for your explanation. Our setup will probably be based around Genelec 8341´s for LCR, 8340´s for the rear and lateral surrounds and 8330´s for ceiling. These last ones have a spec of going down to 45 Hz. In your opinion, would that be OK or would you recommend to bass manage it? Thank you.

Hi Paulo,

If you have a way to do so either with using the bass mgmt in the Production Suite,  Genelec GLM software, or another B-Chain processor then you should.   Applying it in the Production Suite is done in preferences.  In general 45 Hz should be adequate but I'm not sure how real that spec is from a 5" woofer.



Hi Adam,

yes, that´s what I was thinking too, regarding the woofer size and the real performance, hence the question.

Thanks again for your input.

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