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Dolby Media Producer

Hi there, I've some questions about Dolby Media Producer suite.

1)Is there any chance it gets released for Windows?

2)Is it possible to have a MAC trial of a cuple of days at least to test some feature before buying it?

Thanks in advance


Dolby Media Producer Suite is available for Mac only and there no plans to develop it for windows.  There is a command line version of an encoder for Windows for Dolby Digital Plus and for Dolby Digital Plus JOC for Atmos content.   There is no windows encoder for TrueHD used for Blu-Ray.   The command line version of the encoder is called the Dolby Encoding Engine (DEE) and is directly available from Dolby -  for $500 per instance.    For ease of use I'd recommend staying with Dolby Media Producer on Mac.

There are no longer demo versions downloadable.   This is sold through reseller channels.    If you have specific questions about how the Media Producer Suite works please contact and I'll reply from there as this forum is specific to the Dolby Atmos Production Suite.



Dolby Labs

Kind Adam,

thanks for your reply. I've tried to email you for asking further questions, but I have this automated reply:

Your message to couldn't be delivered.
dmp-support wasn't found at

I believe I provided you the wrong address.   In the future please use

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