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How DOES Dolby Audio Work?

Just in case, this is not tech support. Although, I don't know of any more appropriate and also frequently visited to post in, so if this is off-topic, I would greatly appreciate some direction as to where to repost!


So after some updates and realizing that Lenovo broke stuff with their newest "Lenovo Vantage" app, and that they also made the smart decision to lock me out of the old, actually functional Lenovo Settings app (I'm pretty furious right now), I had to go deep into the Control Panel to turn off the Dolby Audio software on my computer.


Which brings me back to a year ago, when I first got this computer. Back then, 9 months before I got into the headphones game, I tinkered around with the different Dolby Audio presets to see which one sounded best on my laptop speakers at a volume level of 4/100 in Windows (to avoid bothering people). I remember thinking that the speakers sounded a bit fuller with Dolby Audio on, and many trips to had informed me that my laptop had almost no bass, so I thought that Dolby Audio somehow created more bass output through software wizardry.


Once I got headphones, I realized Dolby Audio really just creates a low rumbling noise that passes as bass on laptop speakers, but which ruin the listening experience on headphones. What's more confusing to me is why the sound simultaneously gets so much tinnier on headphones when they sound fine on speakers, and I also really don't understand why that type of sound would be seen as something people would actually like.

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