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Basic Rendering Questions


I'm quite now to the Dolby Atmos Production Suite and want to do something very simple in Pro Tools:

I have an audio file and have already used the Dolby Atmos Panner on the track to pan it. But now I don't know how to render it isn an Atmos file that I could play from a media player or disc. Do I just use a simple interleaved bounce? Or do I need to use the Renderer and do some fancy routings?

I'd appreciate it if you give a step-by-step response. This is the only Dolby Atmos use I have at the moment, so I'd rather not spend a lot of time learning the whole suite for such a simple use case.


Hi Samv,

It is more involved that doing a bounce and I'm afraid you'll need to dig into this more looking at the documentation and using the provided session templates.   I can't really walk you through the entire process from the beginning in a forum post.  

In broad strokes yes:   The audio and panning metadata (either using the native Pro Tools panner or the Dolby Atmos Panner) are mastered/recorded by the Atmos Production Suite.    Pro Tools needs to be connected to the Renderer from the peripherals tab as localhost.  Audio is sent to the Renderer via the Renderer Send Plugin on aux tracks and metadata is mapped either from the I/O Bus page or the Dolby Atmos Plugin.    Once mastered to .atmos you'd need to use Dolby Media Producer to encode to Dolby Digital Plus (.ec3) and an MP4 muxer to get a file you'd be able to play from a Blu-Ray player to an Atmos enabled receiver.   Dolby Media Producer is a separate application and you can find an open source Dolby command line MP4 muxer on Github.

The provided Pro Tools templates set up the send and return plugins on aux tracks to get you started.


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Thanks Adam for the reply, that was quite helpful. :-)

I was able to get signal to the renderer app and render .atmos files. The next step is to somehow play this file. The Pro Tools Atmos Production Suite page says that you can render BWF ADM files with it, but I'm not sure how.

The ideal way for me to play the file would be from a PC. My colleagues at work say they can bitstream Atmos files using MPC HC. Do you know how to render a file so I can play it in MPC HC?

Thanks again,


Hi Sam,

You can export and ADM BWF from File/Export.   However you'd still need to get either the .atmos file or the exported ADM BWF encoded as Dolby Digital Plus with Atmos and muxed into an MP4 for playback with MPC HC.     



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Hi Adam,

I got to export my files in both .atmos and ADM BWF.

Sorry for my lack of familiarity with this format. So I won't be able to playback the .atmos or the ADM BWF file without encoding it to another format? And the encoding has to be done with the Dolby Media Producer? I was under the impression that Pro Tools with the Dolby Atmos Producion Suite would be enough to produce playable atmos files. What is the least expensive solution to produce playable atmos files? I have only 6 files, each 1 minute long.

Isn't Dolby Atmos Renderer capable of playing back the rendered files? I can load them, but when I press play nothing happens.

I changed the audio driver from send/return to core audio and now the playback 'seems' to work. Haven't listened to the output yet though

Hi Sam,

The provided templates have the Renderer Return plugin on Aux tracks in Pro Tools which should be bussed to the outputs feeding your speakers.    The Production Suite Renderer can either chase timecode from Pro Tools or if you take it out of chase and enter the start time manually you can use the play button.

Both .atmos and ADM .wav can be loaded as master files for playback.

You can use the Dolby Audio Bridge with core audio if you want to playback without Pro Tools but your success with this depends on what your audio interface is.    If you are using a Pro Tools HDX system you can't use the Audio Bridge at the same time.


Thanks again Adam. We are considering purchasing the Dolby Media Producer if it's not too expensive. Is this package capable of doing the encoding I'm looking for? If not, could you link to the proper one?

Hi Sam,   Yes.  Dolby Media Producer is the ticket for encoding Dolby Digital Plus JOC with Atmos Content.   You'll also need an mp4muxer to get the resulting .ec3 into .mp4 so that you can sideload onto consumer gear via USB.   You can find a suitable mp4muxer here:

This is command line and will need to be run from terminal but is very basic to use.



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