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Dolby Atmos Production Suite – 5.1 Room setup problem

I'm prepping an Atmos session in a room that just has 5.1, using Renderer 3.0.2 in Production Suite mode. But I have a simple problem that is really frustrating:

In Room setup, I can't assign the rear left and right all the way back to "Lrs" and "Rrs." If you only have 5.1 monitoring, the software insists that you use "Ls" and "Rs" for the rears, which are only halfway back in the virtual space.

The result is that when I'm panning in object mode, I hit the back of the room when the pan puck is only halfway back. If you toggle to bed mode, the sound jumps to where it should be.  I get that 5.1 is not an approved Atmos setup, but I should be able to at least start a mix in this room before moving it to a big room.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.

Hey there.   Try changing  the 5.1 downmix mode to Standard Lo/Ro or PLIIx from Direct Render with Warp.    Warp mode was introduced because some mixers weren't happy about phantom mid panned sounds coming from the front speakers.  With this downmix mode mid-side surround signal are biased "warped" toward the back of the room.   If you migrate to room with the Mastering Suite you can also using the Trim Controls to further tweak this.   Best,  Adam

Thanks for the fast reply Adam! Here's what I'm hearing:

Yes, Object Pan behaves as expected in Direct Render, this fixes it.

But Bed Pan behaves as expected in:

Standard LoRo

Dolby Pro Logic IIx

Direct Render w/ Warp

...but doesn't pan all the way back in Direct Render. It still has signal up front. Even so, Direct Render seems like the best compromise.


Just switched from the Dolby Audio Bridge mode back to the old Send/Return model and I'm getting a much more consistent experience switching between Object and Bed. I think this is because I can run the Renderer in 7.1.4 mode, and then let Pro Tools do the 7.1.4>5.1 downmix. Working this way also syncs up the Renderer (timecode was not easy to set up in DAB mode).

Hi,  Dolby Audio Bridge using Pro Tools only allows for 32 channels so Send/Return is the best way to go.

There are a couple of factors at play in how the various render modes and default trims affect the front/back balance and yes you are correct that Direct Render will get you closer to what you are looking for.

Also in preferences processing is the radio button for Spatial Coding Emulation.   This should be on when your are getting closer to a fullmix.   Spatial Coding Emulation mimics that dynamic grouping of bed and object audio that takes place during encoding.    When on this will also make the behavior of bed and object audio more similar.   

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