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Possible to still use the binaural distance model in v3.2?

With the removal of the VR Tools in the new software, is there a way to change the distance model between near/far/flat in the binaural feed? It sounds like it's in near mode by default.

I do understand that I can switch to the bed to achieve flat, but near and far were fun.

Hi Nathaniel.

Yes it is still possible. It occurs on a session level though rather than a plugin instance. The option to do so can be found under the window menu Binaural Render Mode.


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Yes, you can do this in the window "Binaural Renderer Mode" that you´ll find in your Renderer-App. For every Bed-channel and every Object you can independently set the binaural metadata to Off/Near/Mid/Far. You can monitor this changes in realtime, when you´re listening to the binaural-headphone feed.

Please note that if you change the metadata of the bed-channels, your resulting Master-file can be incompatible with older versions of our encoder software. (The Renderer-App will also remind you of this by displaying a warning).

Best regards, David

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Thanks for the info. I'm a little disappointed that we'll lose the ability to automate the model change from Pro Tools, but with some advance planning, I can dedicate certain objects to certain distances. And on the upside, using the Pro Tools panner instead of the VR plug-in panner is easier for everything else.

Agreed with Nathaniel. It really is a step back not to be able to automate this anymore.

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