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Saving the planet with the renderer (idle display sleep)

On macOS, all the pro audio apps should “PreventUserIdleSystemSleep,” but the renderer prevents idle display sleep, which is a big waste of energy. Studios can decide this for themselves in Energy Saver. Not even Pro Tools does this. The renderer will work fine with the screen dimmed. I tried toggling this in:

pmset -g assertions

But I think it has to be done as part of the compile.

PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep    1

Listed by owning process:

   pid 12411(Dolby Atmos Renderer): [0x000070ee00059d2e] 00:04:21 PreventUserIdleDisplaySleep named: "Good reasons for not taking a nap" 


This is news to me.   I'm not sure why/if idle display sleep is required.  I'll push this question up to the dev team.   Thanks for bringing this to our attention.


Thanks Adam. Whoever coded this has a good sense of humor. "Good reasons for not taking a nap" is in the Terminal report.

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