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Different latency between for beds and objects?

Hey Dolby team,

is there a different delay if a track is routed to a bed-feeding bus in comparison to it being routed to an object send?

If so, what's the difference?

Hello Sebastian!

There is no different delay wether you send audio into a Bed-input or into an Object-input.

But please note, that the Pro Tools Delay compensation doesn´t work with the Dolby Atmos Production Suite Send/Return Plug Ins, therfore the tracks in your Pro-Tools Session that are feeding the send-Plug-Ins are not delay-compensated.

Because of that, depending on your session structure, it may well be that your"Bed-tracks" will have a different delay than your "Object-tracks".

The best  workaround is to use identical processing on all tracks or adjust delays with the "time adjuster" plug in.

Best wishes, David

Hello Sebastian,

Just to add to this, delay comp can be manually adjusted if needed in the User Offset section of the Delay Comp part of the Mix View.


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