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Dolby Atmos Workflow

I need to clarify some questions about the signal Flow in ATMOS related in post-production ambients: 1.- Do i need always a RMU unit (Separated Computer with the Atmos Mastering Suite) to encode the ATMOS file? or is possible to make in the same Protools Computer with internal routing? 2.- What happen with the ATMOS file? where it is added or summed with the final Video File? Another Dolby Suite? or a Video Editing software? 3.- Which is the sync method of the 2 Computers (Protools & RMU)? SMPTE by LTC? EUCON or another protocol? 


re: Your comment from 11 months ago:

   "The tool used for Dolby Digital Plus with Atmos Content or Dolby TrueHD is the Dolby Media Producer Suite"  

I would like to follow up...   

Can the Atmos content created with the encoder from the producer suite be fed directly into a 7.1.4 capable sound bar for QC ? (Say, on a thumb drive). 




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