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Dolby Atmos Content Playback

I'm going to be using a few commercially available films that have been natively mixed in Dolby Atmos for my thesis work. I'll be conducting perceptual tests in New York University's Spatial Auditory Research Lab. The Dolby Atmos Renderer is being run through Pro Tools. What would be the most efficient way to playback commercial Dolby Atmos content in this setting? 

For Commercial materials you will need a consumer decoder of some kind, AVR etc. Something with a Preamp out will allow you to connect to the labs production system. 

Thank you for your response. Because we’re using Genelec 8030A bi-amplified active monitors, we’ll need a decoder with balanced outputs. I’m thinking a home theater processor would work. If that’s a viable option, would it be possible to have the home theater processor interface directly with the lab’s production system, or would we need a dedicated blu-ray player? 

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