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Dolby Atmos Renderer stops recording after about 15 seconds

 Hello all,

Currently in the middle of deliverables for a film and having trouble recording for more than 15 seconds to the RMU. The Dolby Atmos Renderer master file stops recording at random delays after about 15 seconds of recording and gives a "TC discontinuity" error in the logs file.

We've calculated our delay with a beep from the Mix machine to the Recorder multiple times and it is as steady as can be. We are getting great sync during playback, so the issue seems to be behind the curtain somewhere.

Any ideas are very much appreciated!


Hi Joey,   It would be helpful to know if this with the Mastering Suite running on a MADI or Dante RMU,  what framerate are you working at, and what is the clock source?

This issue has been seen previously when word clock is daisy chained  between devices rather than being distributed word clock to all devices from a DA.    If using a Dante system also verify that only one device is set to master and locked to external clock.



Hi Adam, thanks for the speedy reply. Really appreciate that.

We're running the Mastering Suite on Dante RMU. Frame rate is 24fps. Word clock is not daisy chained. Only one device is set to master and locked to external clock.

Any other ideas?

Once again, thanks for the help. Time is of the essence!

Hi Joey,  

Just to verify the path and clocking.  Please correct where needed?  This is LTC from an Avid Sync HD?  The Sync HD is locked to WC?  The LTC is being converted to Dante with?  Audinate Avio converter?  Routed to input 128 in the Dante Controller and set to channel 128 in the Renderer preferences?

If using an Audinate converter are there devices set to multicast in the Dante Controller?   If so what is the total reported multicast bandwidth?  If this gets close 100mb/s the Audinate converters can get unstable on the network.    Dante on a dedicated switch or vlan?

If you aren't using an Audinate converter is there a gain stage on the converter? Have you tried toggling the LTC input channel in the renderer?   

Barring any of the above this usually comes down to clocking issues.   Sync HD on video ref (tri-level vs burst) instead of WC.

Any detail welcome and I'll solicit feedback from my colleagues as well.



Hi Adam,

Will verify all this thoroughly. Just got in. Will do my best to report back before noon EST.



Hey Adam,

Sorry for not getting back quicker. Got the Renderer to record flawlessly and had to get to work ASAP.

First of all, just wanted to say a big thank you for your quick replies and willingness to help us out. Sometimes all we need is some new ideas and you provided a bunch.

The problem was that we were feeding WC to the MTRX from the wrong workstation. After also making sure the WC was being fed through Dante IP and trying to record, everything went smoothly.

All the best and thanks again.



Glad to hear you got it working!

I am having the same problem but my setup is a little different.  

DAD AX32 AKA Matrix using internal clock as the master.   I do not have a Sync HD.  Dante from the matrix to my Focusrite Dante card in chases attached to a Mac mini with Mastering Suite. 

I downloaded a 23.976 tc file from  That audio is routed from my protools session through the DAD to the Mac mini via Dante.  It seems to work fine during playback but drops out of record.   The Dad is the clock master from internal.  Dante shows that Dad is master and the Focusrite is slave. It seems to be working OK using Network Midi between the Protools machine and the Mac mini/Renderer.   

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