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Dolby production suite deliverable and RMU

Hi, i would like to know what's the purpose of having an RMU if all the files that i need for deliverable for Home Atmos (BWAV ADM files and DAMF files) can be created with the production suite ?

Even if i have large session and using 2 protools player and 1 protools recorder that run the dolby renderer and recording in the dolby renderer and the protools recorder, i don't see the point of having an RMU

Could you help me out on this one please ?

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Consistency and stability. 

Dolby support creation of master files using the mastering suite on a dedicated machine because that is what we qualify those systems for. Beyond that the production suite will allow a great deal of functionality that is useful for premix work, qc workflows and final deliveries from the master once created. We can't guarantee that a production suite system will be prioritized by the OS in the same manner twice which could lead to bad punch ins to masters etc if that were a workflow you were embarking upon. We do not specify Production suite for creation of masters even though the functionality is there. 

Other factors that may or may not be relevant to your particular use cases. 

1/ No Room Calibration funcitonality

2/ 32 Channel Limit with Pro Tools and the Dolby Audio Bridge (Send/Receive plugins allow for more but are not capable of delay compensation)

3/ No remote control of the renderer from source machines

Hope this helps you and thanks for your interest in Dolby Atmos content creation workflows and solutions. 

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