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Atmos Production Suite Pre-Mixing


we have a medium size mixing room with an Atmos speaker layout and are about to buy the AVID Atmos Production Suite. Although the room translates well in cinemas for regular 5.1 and 7.1 mixing, we are aware that if even having the Mastering Suite with an RMU, we won´t be allowed to mix to Atmos for feature films or even Trailers/Adverts, due to the size of the room not meeting the Dolby specs for doing that. So HT will probably be the main use of such a setup. However, we have feature film clients asking if we could mix for Atmos as well, because they liked our work in 5.1/7.1 in the past and want to try Atmos.

So, we´re thinking of having an agreement with a certified Atmos for film dub stage, so that we can finalize our mixes and have the necessary clearance for Atmos enabled DCP´s, out of our pre mixes.

At the moment, we are only running a Protools HDX 1, so we can´t have the full 128 channels for Bed/Objects for pre mixing.

Is that a limitation on pre-mixing or is there any other issues we should be aware of in adopting the above workflow? Thanks

You should be good to prep your mixes in the production suite and then take them to a theatrical stage for final mixing and mastering. 

OK, thanks Ceri.

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