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So, anyone who can help with the following?

What's the best way to offset a Home Theater Master File?

I noticed after re-importing a ADM WAV that there file is not in sync to the picture. What's the best way to correct the .atmos?

Would this be done with the conversion tool via XML?

I know that there is an edit mode in the theatrical RMU, is this also available in the HT renderer?

Thanks, Sebastian

Hi, can anyone help with this?

Hello Sebastian! 

If your Sync is off by one or more full frames, you can use the conversion Tool to trim away a certain number of frames in the beginning fo the master file.

If your Sync is off just by some amount of samples, there is no way to correct this after the mastering. 

This offset most likely happens, because the Dolby Atmos Production Suite Send/Return PlugIns don´t support Pro Tools delay compensation. 

Using the "Dolby Audio Bridge" or the "Dolby Atmos Mastering Suite" on standalone Hardware should help - because these solutions work with Pro Tools delay compensation.

Thanks David, I managed to shift the audio with the Conversion Tool. It's still half a frame off then though.. Feature request: Build in a simple audio editor into the Production Suite.

And make the Conversion Tool accept values in samples/milliseconds.

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