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Dolby Atmos Renderer Routing

Hello all , there is a warning message on the room setup option Routing tab of the Dolby Atmos Renderer the message is "Core Audio routing is disabled because Send/Return is the active audio driver. You can change the active audio driver to Core Audio in Driver preferences" I am new to mac os(Mojave 10.14.6)  and I don't know how you do that specific configuration. Any help will be greatly appreciated. 

There are two modes you can use with Production suite:

1/ Pro Tools with Send and Receive plugins - In this mode you send out of Pro Tools to the renderer and return into Pro Tools with Return plugins. Any monitor configuration in this mode is performed with a combination of the Return Plugins being mapped to appropriate channels and then using the Output/Bus pages of the Pro Tools I/O Setup. 

2/ Core Audio - Most commonly Dolby Audio Bridge will be set as the Input device and a Core Audio capable device is set as output to your speakers. In this mode routing configuration is performed in the renderer "Room Setup" window found under the Window menu or by key command, command+M. There are three tabs in this window. The first allows you to define your speaker layout, 7.1.4 by default. The second then allows you to choose which output channel that particular speaker is connected to, default Order 1-12 is L R C LFE LSS RSS LSR RSR LTF RTF LTR RTR. 

The message you are seeing points to you being in default mode 1 instead of mode 2. This can be changed in the Renderer preferences found under the Dolby Atmos Renderer menu or by using key command, command+,

On the right hand side of the preference pane that appears you will find the driver preferences and they will be set to Send/Return plugins. That dropdown can select Core Audio instead at which point two further dropdown will become available for Input Driver and Output Driver, select as appropriate. 

Hope this helps  

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It helped a lot, Thanks.

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