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Dolby Atmos Production Suite 3.3 Issues- CPU Errors/Overload

Just bought the new Atmos Production Suite v3.3 and was completely unable to use it. The Dolby Audio Bridge didn't work at all, I tried some simple tests to get 1 or 2 channels of audio out to the renderer from Pro Tools and all the meters started flickering randomly. Tried a few different combinations of different Playback Engines and sync settings etc, but had no luck. When I switched over to the plugin I was at least able to get a channel or two of audio out normally. But then I ran into tons of CPU errors in Pro Tools, even with only a few of the Dolby plugins active (and nothing else).

Computer Specs:

Mac Pro 5,1 Mid 2012

CPU: 3.46GHz Dual 6-Core Intel Xeon



OS: Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.6

Pro Tools 2019.6

[I should note this system has a UAD-2 Solo PCIe card installed. Not sure if that has anything to do with it but thought I'd mention it]

I tried the same thing on a different system and the plugin seemed to work normally without CPU errors. The Dolby Audio Bridge still didn't work though. The only difference was a more modern graphics card (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680) and Mac OS Mojave 10.14.5. (and no UAD card).

Has anyone else experienced this issue before? 

I'm going to try swapping graphics cards to see if that makes any difference. I'll also try removing the UAD card. Will update with my findings.

I have tried a new graphics card (RX 580 with 8GB VRAM) as well as removing the UAD card. No change, the CPU meters in Pro Tools still max out whenever the plugin is open.

Hello, I don’t believe that there are any know issues that will stop the Production Suite working with your system configuration. For the Dolby Audio Bridge workflow, you have this selected as your playback engine and also selected as the audio input in the Production Suite’s preferences. The output will then be your UAD device. Please also make sure that your PT and Production Suite sample rates match. Please also check the Atmos tab in Peripheral’s to ensure it is connected to the Production Suite.

Hello, thank you for your response. After some more experimentation I found that swapping my processor tray with another fixed the CPU overload issue. Kind of odd that the issue only came up when I opened the Dolby plugin but it could be a larger issue with my computer and not the software after all.

As far as the Dolby Audio Bridge goes, I am able to do use it the way you suggest and it works fine: send audio out of PT thru the bridge to the renderer, send the output of the renderer directly to my hardware outs. 

However my goal is to send audio back to PT thru the bridge to record stems and so on. Whenever I select Dolby Audio Bridge as both the input and output of the Renderer, it doesn't work properly. Once I send a tone thru channel 1 of the Renderer from PT (just a mono sine wave track with no input and nothing else in the session), I get the screen in the screenshot below. It stays like this even after muting. I'm curious why some of the object meters light up and don't shut off. 

When I listen to my rerenders coming back from the Renderer thru the bridge to PT, it doesn't sound like unmuting then muting a sine wave as you would expect. I've attached a clip below as well. Once I hit mute the level increased and started modulating.

In Audio MIDI setup, the bridge shows up as a device with 130 ins and 130 outs. Pro Tools is able to recognize this I/O when it's set as the playback engine. But for some reason I'm unable to get a sine wave to and from the renderer successfully over this bridge.

This happens on both of my systems regardless of CPU issues and whatnot. Is it not intended to be used this way or could there be another issue with my system?


So after more experimentation I found out the CPU errors were caused by my Digi 003 Rack being connected and not the CPU itself so that's a totally separate issue. I unplugged and plugged in the firewire connection for it and watched the CPU meters change, it was very repeatable. The Dolby Audio Bridge is still giving me trouble though.

Hi Stephan,  The Dolby Audio Bridge is used a one-way path to the renderer.   If you need to record re-renders back into Pro Tools you should continue to use the send/return plugins.   Alternatively you can use the Dolby Audio Bridge and do create your re-renders offline and import them into Pro Tools.    

Thanks,  Adam

Hi, can I use send/return plugs along with Bridge?  Is it all or nothing?  I want to use the bridge to send to Renderer, but the Return plugs to print back into PT.  Possible?

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