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Dolby Audio Bridge and Avid S3

Just installed 3.3 production Suite on my Mac Pro (13.6) ProTools 19.10 and Eucon 19..9.1.Everyting prior to install worked fine then installed the Production Suite for the first time on this machine to take advantage of the new Audio Bridge feature.I have now lost my S3 as an AVB option in the Audio Midi Setup Network Browser says that there is no AVB device present.So I thought that I would remove the Dolby Audio Bridge driver but can't find anything to remove and cant get any audio from my system and am now in a real bind.Any help please.Thanks

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Hi Rl, 

Not sure what is happening here but apologies for the hassle and thanks for the feedback.   I'll certainly escalate this for investigation.

Certainly not normal operating procedure but If you need to get the DAB to disappear from Audio/Midi .

Deleta Library/Extensions/DolbyAudioBridge.kext

Let me know if this addresses the issue.



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