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Dolby Audio Bridge Install Not Installing

Anyone know of / had issues with getting the Audio Bridge Installed ? It appears to install fine but then is not present when you restart the system.

OS - 10.13.6

Pro Tools - 2019.10

Attempted full uninstall & install multiple times. Possible System Extension blocking?

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 Running kextutil confirmed it as per...

Kext rejected due to system policy: <OSKext 0x7fbb7fd0da70 [0x7fffa5023af0]> { URL = "file:///Library/StagedExtensions/Library/Extensions/DolbyAudioBridge.kext/", ID = "com.dolby.DolbyAudioBridge" }

Now to figure how to safely get around it.



The  spctl function within the MacOS Recovery environment can be used to disable the need to grant permissions to load a .kext.   This can be re-enabled later.   I have not tried this myself.   



Cheers Dan.

Gave the spctl function a go as you suggested... 

That enabled the ability to "Allow apps downloaded from: Anywhere"

Deleted all previously installed Dolby files / folders / extensions.

Restarted Mac

Re-installed Dolby Atmos Renderer


Load Dolby Atmos Renderer

Still no AudioBridge option in audio driver drop downs.

Open Sys Prefs/Sec&Prvcy and there is now an Allow button next to the dialog "System software from developer "Dolby Laboritories, Inc." was blocked from loading."

Click on Allow.

Reopen Atmos Renderer and AudioBridge now appears as a valid Input and Output device.

Cheers Adam (and Ben for posting)... appears fixed!!!!! No thanks to you OSX High Seirra and your hoop jumps!

Tom (NZ)

Hi Tom,  Good news!   That is what you were supposed to see in the first place.   I'm not sure what happened in these instances.   I've installed on High Sierra without issue so this doesn't seem to be a  consistent issue.    

In any case, glad you got this sorted.  Thanks for your persistence and sharing the results.   I'm duty bound to say that you can always re-enable the permissions consent via the same method.  

Ben,  Are you willing to try this?   If so,  I hope this method solves your issues.    Please let me know if you experience differs from Tom's.



This is great, Disable the KEXT Extensions has solved that, I can now see the Audio Bridge on my Input/ Output ... HOWEVER I've now got an issue where it's not seeing my Pro Tools HDX Card on the Output Settings which I'd like to use? Any Ideas!!??

Hi there,

I tried to install the Dolby Atmos Renderer but I had that same problem, could not see that Dolby Audio Bridge virtual sound card. I am running the iMac Pro, last modele, 10.14.6. Is there a new installer that could run on the iMac Pro? Sorry, I did not understand how you solved the problem. Thanks. Best Regards.

Pb solved.

In Catalina 10.15.4 when trying to run kextload , I get error system policy prevent loading. Is anyone can suggest a workaround?

SOLVED:  Installed upgrade of OS to Catalina 10.15.5 and the bridge working as intended. 

Nuendo-Atmos Renderer-Dante two way communication. Sound great.

I'm having the same problem on High Sierra and i can't seem to figure out how to fix it. 

Should i try using a different os?


SOLVED: I had to disable System Integrity Protection and then run the Installer. Worked fine after this.

Follow the steps on this article

Thanks a lot but this doesn't seem to work for me. i will try again on a different machine hoping it will work on Catalina.

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